Atlantic Impact exposes students to new opportunities through Local and Global travel

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Our students achieve amazing outcomes

College and Career Readiness

Atlantic Impact provides students with the experiences necessary to propel them towards college and career success.

Leadership Development

As students progress through Atlantic Impact, they develop the skills necessary to become leaders locally and globally.

Building Support Networks

Students need strong support networks to succeed. We ensure that our students make these connections.




Our impact in and out of the classroom

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  • Mamie Chalmers DetNews

    sparking Classroom Innovation

    We bring living history into the classroom through our dynamic college level course experience. We partner with local schools to transform a student’s classroom experience. When...
  • Historic Fort Wayne Large

    The Power of Local History

    Students participating in the program have the opportunity to take part in extended learning opportunities in their local community. Our students become deeply invested in where...
  • Jayvon Lerell

    Connecting local to global

    Atlantic Impact’s international programming is full of historical, cultural, and entrepreneurship experiences. The program is designed to help students connect the heritage of the location they...
  • CAM04411

    Bringing it full circle

    After returning from their international experience, our students spend the remainder of their high school career undertaking community leadership initiatives. Given their domestic and international educational...


Thoughts from Atlantic Impact students

  • Angela
  • Lerell
  • Jasmine
  • Ken
  • Atlantic Impact allowed me to step so far outside of my comfort zone and everyday life. This experience helped me to see that I can really do anything.


  • My journey in Barbados was great. I’ve learned more in just one week in Barbados than two months in Detroit. All of the activities were very educational. Arriving back at the guesthouse was the most fun. Swimming in the ocean and conversing with my peers will be things I will never forget.


  • The program helps me look at my city in a different way and prove it’s not just about the violence and crimes.


  • Barbados put me in a calmer state of mind, and it was very nice to get away from Detroit and everyday life. I now know that my problems are not as complicated as the problems enslaved Barbadians faced.